Betta Feed – Large Pellet for Betta Fish – Nett Weight 75g


Diet for large pellet betta fish

Marine Proteins
Cereal Meals
Plant Proteins
Fish & Krill Oils
Algae Moss

For large tablets, 1 meal a day is enough. Our research team calculated the nutrition per meal. This large pellet is suitable for fish that have been eaten. Because it is a pellet food that sinks quickly For fish that used to eat, it can be followed down to eat. Has a seductive aroma that invites fish to eat.

for those who have never used large pellets. Recommended to buy mini tablets. Because the tiny pellets can be used for a long time since the fish have grown up Until the giant fish.

For big fish, our big pellet food can replace one hundred percent of fresh food.
Complete with fresh food, of course, because the big fish can have a system that is absorbed and works well. So use it and see good results for sure

This food should be used in conjunction with Procillus and Vitamin Aminovita because …
1. PROCILLUS supplements help the digestive system and reduce waste water.
2. Aminovita vitamin concentrate is mixed with the finished symptoms only. Female eggs are formed quickly. Male heats up fully


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