Food for beautiful betta fish 2 in 1


Food for beautiful betta fish 2 in 1

There are both small and powder types. Separately put a bag in each bag.
But in the same

Container Ingredients:
Marine Proteins
Cereal Meals Food Grains
Plant Proteins
Fish & Krill Oils
Algae Moss

Small pellets, big fish, giving 1 meal a day is enough. Our research team calculated the nutrition per meal. These pellets are mostly used by many. Because fish are easy to digest It was a pellet food that floated for a while and gradually sank. Do not need training to eat. It has a seductive aroma that invites fish to eat.

For big fish, our pellet food can replace one hundred percent of fresh food. Complete with fresh food, of course, because the big fish can have a system that is absorbed and works well Therefore, I will definitely see good results.

Powder form must be given 3 times a day, should use a 20-inch wide cabinet or more, use oxygen, open light and light together. Since it is protein, it will digest in the bottom of the cabinet. Therefore having to give frequent meals, but give in small amounts Modest fry age 10 to the day of removing Papa Fish Then took a small hose to suck the sediment at the bottom of the cabinet and add water to it I keep sucking my stuff out often.
But have to do it after removing the father pla Otherwise the father may eat the child.

Can be mixed with powder. When the fry grow up a bit, they can mix the water into cubes and paste on the side of the tank as well

If there is food that is fresh juveniles You can find them 1-2 times a week to make the fish grow much faster. Because no ready-made food can be a hundred percent substitute for fresh mites Because the fry system The work in the intestines, absorption is not as good as the big fish.

This food should be used in conjunction with Procillus and Vitamin Aminovita because …
1. PROCILLUS supplements help the digestive system and reduce waste water.
2. Aminovita vitamin concentrate is mixed with the finished symptoms only. Female eggs are formed quickly. Full heat male


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