Betta fish food – Mini Pellet for Betta Fish Nett Weight 75g


Food for small-grained betta fish

Marine Proteins
Cereal Meals
Plant Proteins Plant
Fish & Krill Oils
Algae Moss

In small size, 1 meal per day is enough. Our research team calculated the nutrition per meal. These pellets are mostly used by many.
Because fish are easy to digest It was a pellet food that floated for a while and gradually sank. Do not need training to eat. It has a seductive aroma that invites fish to eat.

For big fish, our pellet food can replace one hundred percent of fresh food, do not be afraid that you will eat and lack nutrients.
Complete with fresh food, of course, because the big fish can have a system that is absorbed and works well So use it and see good results for sure

This diet pill should be used in conjunction with Procillus and Vitamin Aminovita because …
1. Procillus
PROCILLUS supplements help the digestive system.
Features and functionality
Supplements are white powder, that is, rice bran. Rice bran is an intermediary for microbes to adhere to. When we sprinkle them all over In a fish nursery pond or in a jar This bran will stay in front of the water for 1-2 days and will decompose by itself. The fish can eat without penalty. But microorganisms will break out from the rice bran within 4 hours. The microorganisms will run down to eat the waste in the water, making the water clearer, slowing the water change. Reduced ammonia
And when the customer has eaten these microbes, they will help digestion. In the digestive system, intestinal waste of fish, reduce the problem of flatulence. Makes fish excrete well. To make the fish eat more and grow more quickly. Because it helps digestion well.
Rate of use for nursery ponds, fish, I give every 3-4 days or 1-2 times a week, sprinkle thinly over the face of the water
In case of nursery fish with powdered food. Sprinkle Procillus This microorganism is followed every time after feeding the powder. Will slow down spoilage.

2. Aminovita. This vitamin is mixed with the finished symptoms only.
Vitamin AMINTA is a combination of concentrated vitamins produced by the process. Nanotechnology
As a result, free radicals are the size of cells so they can be absorbed immediately.
Vitamin A: regenerates cells, fish grows faster, color faster.
Vitamin E: strengthens both male and female reproductive systems and creates color.
Vitamin D: Helps the liver absorb calcium well, builds scales and bones.
Vitamin K: prevents inflammation.
Vitamin B1-B3, B5, B6: helps fight free radicals. Eliminate toxins from the liver, burning fat, inhibiting the production of toxins in the body.

How to use:
Use 8-9 drops of Aminovita per 1 teaspoon of instant food, then mix well. In case of powdered food, mix a little water and mix.


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