Betta Power Treat (Internal Treatment) – For External Use only


  • POWER TREAT (Internal Treatment)
  • – 100% Soluble Extracts
  • – Treat internal infections, suitable for all aquatic pets. Treat bacterial diseases that cause dropsy, raised scales, fin and tail rots, bloody abdomen, bloody fin, and swim bladder disease. Get rid of protozoa that causes white spots on aquatic animals.
  • Essential Ingredient
  • Chlotetracycline 20% w/w
  • How to use external drugs COTRIXIDE in conjunction with the use of drugs inside POWER TREAT
  • 1. Change water, put TANTANIC with every time
  • 2. Use COTRIXIDE 1 cc per 1 liter of water every time you change water. (Put in the recommended dosage) in case of local ulcer or swollen eyes. In addition to using the prescribed dose ,to focus on the wound by dripping it on the wound area and eyes in case of bulging eyes, to focus on specific points.
  • 3. Complete 3 days to change water and see symptoms and repeat 2-3 times to get rid of worms’ eggs.
  • 4. Take a video clip before treatment and during treatment for 3 days because it will check the symptoms and inform about the amount of food that eaten.
  • 5. After 5 days to change the water. If symptoms get better, put Cotrixide at the protection rate (0.5 cc per 1 liter of water) and add tantanic as usual. Then can feed normally
  • P.S. In the case of sick fish, refrain from food during the first 3 days of treatment, the reason is because the fish is sick, the digestive system and intestines will stop working, the more feeding, the abdominal swelling, the devil’s stomach will follow. If you have any questions about use or what to do during treatment, ask at any time
  • *** Please use the proportion specified. Both the amount of water and the drug have a very strong relationship. ***
  • 1. Change water in your fish tank and add Tantanic into the new water.
  • 2. Add 0.5 of COTRIXIDE per 1-1.5 liter of water. (the recommended ratio)
  • [ In case the fish have pop eye symptom or infection in particular area, apply the product to infected areas directly. (besides the recommended ratio) ]
  • 3. When reaching 3 days, change the water and observe the symptoms. Redo the steps 2-3 times to get rid of parasite eggs.
  • 4. Take a video to notice the before and after-3-day of treatment to check on the symptoms and when to feed the fish or change the water.
  • 5. At 5 days, change the water. If the fish are recovered, add the Cotrixide in the proportion of preventive purpose (0.5 cc per 1 liter of water) then add Tantanic and feed the fish normally.
  • REMARK : In case of the sick fish, stop feeding your feed in the first 3 days of treatment to prevent dropsy. The sick fish’s intestines and digestive system don’t function properly while they are sick.
  • In case of the sick fish, use the product along with Power Treat (Internal Treatment). Use 1 spoon of the product and dissolve it with COTRIXIDE and Tantanic.


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