Betta Feed – Powder Feed for Betta Fry (Food for ornamental betta fish powder)


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Food for betta fish powder

Nutritional Composition:
Crude Protein [min] 40% Crude Fat [min] 6%,
Crude Fiber [max] 4% Energy 3200 kcal
Fish Meal, Soybean Meal, Yeast, Soy protein, Squid meal, Vitamins, Minerals. Element, Spirulina, Probiotic

It is a high protein food with up to 80% digestion, it has a high nutrient absorption and less waste. In the food processing GOLDEN BETTA PREMIUM FEED, aquaculture feed researchers Taking into account the maximum utilization of raw materials used in food production, GOLDEN BETTA PREMIUM FEED has therefore introduced Bacillus microorganisms as an ingredient in food. By microorganisms in the group Bacillus is responsible for the production of gastric juice to aid digestion, when the microbiome It grows in the digestive tract to help produce vitamins, amino acids and organic substances that are beneficial to the growth of aquatic animals and help the digestive system to be improved, thereby preventing residual food in the digestive tract. This will be the cause of inflammatory bowel disease and abdominal swelling in aquatic animals.
The residual microorganisms in the digestive tract are excreted with the food residue, effectively eliminating the ammonia generated in aquaculture ponds. In addition, in GOLDEN BETTA PREMIUM FEED, Spirulina is used as a raw material to accelerate the coloration of the fish to have a bright and shiny color. In addition, squid meal is used as an ingredient in food recipes to increase protein and create a smell that can attract more fish to eat

How to use:
Powder form must be given 3 times a day, should use a 20-inch wide cabinet or more. Use oxygen to open light, light, together with it. Since it is protein, it will digest in the bottom of the cabinet. Therefore having to give frequent meals, but give in small amounts Modest fry age 10 to the day of removing Papa Fish Then took a small hose to suck the sediment at the bottom of the cabinet and add water to it Keep sucking the sludge out often
But have to do it after removing the father pla Otherwise the father may eat the child.
Can be mixed with powder
When the fry grow up a bit, they can mix the water into cubes and paste on the side of the tank as well
If there is food that is live You can find them 1-2 times a week to make the fish grow much faster. Because there is no ready-made food that can replace a hundred percent of fresh mites Because the fry system Intestinal function, absorption is not as good as big fish

This food should be used in conjunction with Procillus and Vitamin Aminovita because …
1. PROCILLUS supplements help the digestive system and reduce waste water.
2. Aminovita vitamin concentrate is mixed with the finished symptoms only. Female eggs are formed quickly. Full heat male


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