About Us

 The founder of RayBetta rekindled his childhood hobby of rearing fighting fish during the COVID-19 circuit breaker period back in April 2020. Now taking a step further, RayBetta is founded as a Hobbyist’s store. For many likeminded Betta Hobbyists who admire for their beautiful colours, finnage and temperament. We hope to share more joy and knowledge with our fellow Hobbyists on keeping the Betta Happy and Healthy.  

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Raybetta Singapore

RayBetta is offering Products from GOLDENBETTA – A Reputed and Reliable Supplier from Thailand.

GOLDENBETTA products are developed from their own research teams and experts in various specialties:

  • Products Developed from Research
  • teams and experts
  • Fisheries experts
  • Water quality specialist
  • Environmental checkpoint Specialist
  • Animal science specialist
  • Animal nutrion specialist